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Reeses Puffs Treat Bars, Peanut Butter and Cocoa

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Reeses Puffs Treat Bars, Peanut Butter and Cocoa

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Treat Bars, Peanut Butter and Cocoa

Naturally and artificially flavored. Per Bar: 110 calories; 2 g sat fat (10% DV); 105 mg sodium (4% DV); 8 g sugars. Bet You Didn't Know! Even the biggest board game fans will be surprised by these amazing facts and feats. A jeweler in San Francisco made a golden version of a popular board game worth $2 million dollars. One of the largest board games you can buy is played on a board that is over 6 feet long! Game on - and on - and on. A cult favorite board game from the '70's takes over 62 days to complete. Four friends in the Netherlands set a world record playing the same game 400 times in one 80-hour mega-session. Contains bioengineered food ingredients. Carbohydrate Choices: 1. Box Tops for Education. Learn more at Ask.GeneralMills.com. Making food people love. We welcome your questions and comments generalmills.com. 1-800-231-0308. Try more delicious flavors! 100% recycled paperboard. how2recycle.info.

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